Why Playboy Slots are the New Way to Play at Today’s Casinos

For players who are ready to bring sexy back to the casino floor, the new Playboy slot machine just might do the trick. The machine is a partnership between Playboy and the Microgaming company, which is easily one of the most prolific and engaging slot machine game manufacturers currently on the market. As with virtually all modern Microgaming offerings, the slot machine features a storyline that progresses with the player as they move through different levels and on to different reward segments that can be rather financially beneficial.

The Numbers: How Playboy’s Slot Offering Works

As with any new slot machine, there are a few numbers that avid gamblers need to hear. First and foremost, Playboy’s slots game is a video slot that comes with five reels. Those reels are crisscrossed by 243 lines that allow some pretty easy, if very small, ways to win. As with most progressive games, Playboy’s offering is comprised of different levels that increase based on how long the user sticks with their machine and how much they bet during each hit. Bigger bets and longer periods of play will work toward platinum status, which offers the chance to hit a jackpot of up to 1,215,000 coins.

All told, it’s a seriously exciting game that leverages Playboy’s historic reputation with great graphics, progressively higher jackpots and bonus games, and an exciting serious of lines and spins that most people have come to expect from a Microgaming product.

The Side Game: Another Great Way to Maximize Earnings with the Playboy Slots Offering

While most people will be just fine with the 243 lines and five reels of play offered by the Playboy video slot, some players will simply want more. That’s where the machine’s side game comes in. This regular bonus feature gives players a chance to up their earnings by providing free spins and other benefits throughout the game when certain reel combinations are achieved. These bonus opportunities are split into four levels, each named after a different Playboy model that appears throughout gameplay:

– Kimi: This ground-level bonus provides a 5x multiplier and 10 free spins to the user.
– Sofia: This mid-range bonus offers a running wilds scheme and up to 15 free spins
– Ashley: Edging toward the highest-end bonus, this option gives 20 free spins and a rolling wheels bonus feature.
– Jillian: The best bonus available, players will enjoy 25 free spins and a wild night bonus feature. This allows all five wheels to become “wild” during a given spin and can result in really great winnings for determined players.

A Compelling New Option in Casinos Everywhere

With jackpots in the millions of coins, and five engaging bonus levels that can help players add up their winnings over time, Playboy’s engaging new slot machine is one that shouldn’t be overlooked on the casino floor. Its storyline approach and progressively higher winnings make it a must-play for both new and seasoned slots players alike.

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