How to Gain Access to a Members-Only Casino Club

Over the years, casinos have become perhaps the biggest users of so-called “big data.” Using their player cards or online user accounts, they can determine gamblers favorite games, their average bets, the amount they have spent at the casino in the past day, week, month, or year, and a number of other important details. This information is then processed by a proprietary software application. Those who qualify according to the application’s calculations are offered access to exclusive casino clubs and lounges. Those who do not will have to keep playing, hoping to one day qualify for these programs.

To gain admission to exclusive casino clubs based on high roller status, there are generally a few key things that players need to do. Each of these represents a “token” typically examined by computer programs at both traditional and online casinos.

1. Work on Creating a Higher Average Bet

A “high roller” is someone who isn’t afraid to really raise the stakes, and that means exposing themselves to a greater potential financial loss. In the eyes of the casino, of course, this means a high roller is a larger potential source of profit. A high average bet is almost always the first indicator of a high roller and it’s one of the strongest ways to convince a casino that they should consider a player one of their high rollers.

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2. Visit the Casino More Often

Whether online or off, a player’s use of their player card or member account typically indicates that they’ve made a “trip” to the casino. Frequent trips indicate a player who simply has more money and resources with which to gamble, which is considered a leading sign that they might be eligible for high roller status. Visit and play more often, and rewards are likely to follow.

3. A Healthy Mix of Games

High rollers almost always play baccarat, but that’s not the only thing they typically do in the casino. An invitation to exclusive clubs and playing floors is usually given to those players who bounce between baccarat, poker, bingo, slots, and plenty of other games. Diversify the games and the casino will likely up the rewards given.

4. Frequent, Lucrative Visits to Other Casinos

Most casinos don’t operate a single location. Places like Harrah’s operate casinos in Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other American states. Foxwoods also has locations across the United States. Several companies have international gambling operations with casinos on virtually every continent. Player activity at each of these casinos is logged and rewarded company-wide, so be sure to keep bets in a single company’s portfolio when gambling on the road.

Casinos Use Data to Reward Behavior and Offer Club Access

The key to today’s casinos is that they’re essentially data-driven, and that doesn’t just apply to their payout rates and their quarterly profits. Casinos around the world look at how, when, why, and even where their customers gamble. They use data about their trip frequency, their travel habits, and their average bet, to determine whether the exclusive games and perks of a high roller club would be worth offering. When their data says so, they’ll offer exclusive membership and perks that go above and beyond any other program they operate.