Christian Pham, a 40 year old poker player from Minnesota

In the ongoing World Series of Poker, there exists an event, one of the sixty eight in all, that goes by the name of no-limit deuce-to-seven draw lowball. The event has a buy-in of 1500 dollars. The aim of the game is to have the worst poker hand possible. To illustrate, the winning hand would probably be a pair of twos. Christian Pham, a 40 year old poker player from Minnesota, had never played such a game before. Neither had he intended to. However, as luck would have it, he accidentally signed up for this one instead of no-limit Hold’ Em (Texas). The result? He won.

A very quick learner

It wasn’t until after he was sat at the table that Christian would realize what a grave error he had made. And that realization set in once the first set of cards had been dealt: five, instead of the two he had been expecting. With no clue as to what was happening, Christian seemed to have no choice but to learn the game as he played it for the first time in his life. After all, he had already invested 1500 dollars into it, even if accidentally.

As it turned out, Pham was in fact a very good student. Even though he had to fold a large number of hands at the beginning of the game, he quickly picked up on the nuances and after 12 hours and the end of day 1, he emerged as the chip leader.

A mistake that he would never regret

Pham’s brilliant run would continue on through to the end of day 2. And to the end of day 3, the last day of the event. At the end of it, Pham would emerge the winner, having overcome 219 other players. He received a gold bracelet and a prize money of $81,314. This is one mistake that he will never regret.

Luckiest Poker Player Ever?

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