Contrary to popular belief, online casinos do not cannibalize the earnings of land based casinos and states should allow both within their jurisdiction to enhance revenues and encourage tourist traffic. A recent study done by experts from gambling industry about complementary relations between land based and online based casinos at Borgota has thrown up several interesting possibilities. It is time that US casino operators recognize the importance of online casino operations and how it can complement their existing business by reaching out to customers that do not visit casinos but like their games.  By integrating their online and offline business together they can increase their offerings to a wider circle of customers which will help them in the long run.

online poker will increase the demand of land casinos

 How online gambling can enhance real-time casino business

A recent study about complementary relationship between both types of casinos has shown that there is little chance of both mediums overlapping each other.  Top casino brands with both online and brick and mortar operations have shown that nearly 90 percent of their online gaming customers have little knowledge or interaction with their land based casinos. Studies have shown that online poker will increase the demand of land casinos as people will look for same brand slot games and card games that they are comfortable with online.

How online gambling can improve state revenues

In states like Pennsylvania which already has land based casinos but is apprehensive about allowing licensed online casinos this delay could mean loss of revenue. Online casinos generate revenue for government and also support land casinos during tough economic times. Strong relationship is between online and an offline casino is visible with slot players as they automatically look for familiarity when they go out and play on weekly basis instead of once a month. In bearish markets people stick to very small bets and wagers which are provided by online casinos and this can support casinos as maintenance costs are low.


Land And Online Casino Combo Will Enhance Earnings Say Experts

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